Integrating Social Media Into Recruitment At npower

Adam Templeman is head of resourcing at RWE power and talked about integrating social media into your careers website strategy

When he started at power he brought in a new resourcing model at power (image below) – to shift the company from its 98% usage of recruitment agencies.

First thing he did was to look at careers website. Redesigned it to provide 1) a better candidate experience and 2) linking to the ATS.

Candidate experience key so looked at candidate view of the company. Npower recruits 1,000 people a year but the view in the market was the opposite – not seen as an active recruiting.

Up until this point social media had been used as a part of power’s football sponsorship but not a lot else. Social media was  seen asa difficult space because lots of negative stuff is written about the sector.

So, Adam went through the following process:

  • Set up a social media steering committee – discuss with wider business what was required.
  • Then piloted different channels – LI, FB, Youtube, mobile site
  • Got board buy-in
  • Mirrored customer experience as customers are potential candidates.

Looking to set up a corporate FB page. all video on youtube account.

Strategy  is to make social integral to sourcing and driving people to the careers site. Adam said social media access is a challenge  - mobile versus what you can see on desktop. No access to these channels at the company. Trying to encourage use of social media in recruitment. Adam reinforces point about vomotting jobs made by Steve earlier.

  • Use soc media to raise profile.
  • Seamless candidate experience is key – big focus.
  • Also important we could update the content easily.
  • Need to help recruiters internally to understand why it is important. doc media part of whole process not an add-on.
  • Had a lot of success in grad recruitment – Future Leaders Expedition FB campaign, for example.

Carer hub traffic:

  • 18,000 visits/month in Nov 2011 versus 45,000/month in Feb 2012
  • 33% returning visitors
  • Higher level of engagement
  • Soc media big part of this


  • Direct recruiting 60% vs 98% in first four months.
  • Integarted doc media presence
  • use learning across the biz
  • 1st quarter saving £630K


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