How Social Media & Mobile Have Changed The Way Job Seekers Search For jobs

At the Social Media In Recruitment Conference on the 7th April there will be a brand new panel session discussing how Social Media and Mobile have changed the way job seekers search for jobs.

Job seekers are invited to give their feedback before the Conference and Conference delegates in the audience on the 7th April are also invited to take part.

Panel Discussion

The panel will be answering questions about the use of social media and mobile in recruitment and so are keen to hear from job seekers about their experiences and any particular topics they would the panel to discuss.

The panel members are Felix Wetzel, Group Marketing Marketing Director for Jobsite, Matt Alder, founder of Metashift and Mark Kieve, Chief Executive of AMRIS.

Recent Research

According to some recent research from Jobsite 37% of jobseekers look to use social networking sites as part of their job search. They have also seen a 400% increase in mobile traffic to their web site over the last 12 months, with visits from mobile devices now accounting for 8% of total visits and 3.5% of the applications.


What has been your experience when looking for a job? How much has social media and mobile played a part in your job search activities?

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And in the true spirit of  “Social” please feel free to pass this onto anyone you know is currently job hunting so that they get an opportunity to give their feedback.

Mike Taylor

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