Developing A Successful Social Media In Recruitment Strategy

How many people go to a Conference and then go away and implement what exactly they have learnt? Well Max MacGillivray, the Founder Redfox Executive Selection, did eactly that and as a result put together a successful social media recruitment strategy which had a dramatic effect on his recruitment busiess.

Max attended the first Social Media in Recruitment Conference on the 16th July 2009 and by his own admission was aware of Social Media and its potential. However, he was confused as to exactly what action to take. However, the important thing is that he did take some action and 21 months later Max is now one of the Speakers at the 2011 Social Media in Recruitment Conference where he will share his success story with delegates.

In the seven minute preview interview below you will learn how Max now successfully runs:

  • A LinkedIn group with over 1,100 members
  • Two Twitter accounts (one for jobs and one for breaking news)
  • A YouTube channel showing three different types of videos
  • A weekly email newsletter which goes out to over 8,000 people worldwide in his niche recruitment sector which is Fresh Food Products!

One of the key points that Max makes in the interview is that to be successful in Social Media you need to “give, give, give to get something in return.”

So whether you are working as a Recruitment Consultant or as an In-House Recruiter, there are some great social media learing points in the interview for everyone.

Max will be speaking at 12:20 on the 7th April and you can view the full Social Media in Recruitment Conference Programme here.

Further Speaker Preview Interviews

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Conference Questions

If you have any questions about the Conference then please feel free to contact me.

Mike Taylor

How To Use Mobile In Recruitment

Mobile Recruiting is a very fast growing area and Dave Martin from AllTheTopBananas and Morecnews is speaking at our sister conference - the Mobile and Video in Recruitment Conference - on the 28th September 2010.

Here is an overview of what Dave will be covering and the good thing about Dave’s presentation is that if you don’t currently know anything about Mobile, and how it could be used in recruitment, then by the end of Dave’s presentation you certainly will!

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Mobile and Video In Recruitment Conference Announced

I am pleased to announce a brand new Conference as part of our growing range of Events and Conferences.

The 28th September 2010 will see the first ever Mobile and Video in Recruitment Conference in London at the Hotel Russell.


Gone are the days where you could only view a web site on your PC or laptop. Today there are many different internet enabled devices which means that job seekers can view details about your company and vacancies anytime, anywhere and practically on any device. If you add to that the fact that the Mobile Internet will shortly account for more than 50% of all internet access in the UK then it is time for forward thinking companies to start thinking seriously about how to incorporate mobile as part of their recruitment marketing strategy.


Until recently the majority of recruitment advertising was text based. However, with the increased availability of broadband access (and faster speeds) it has never been easier to view videos through a mobile device, laptop or PC. Video can say so much more than text and people are five times as likely to retain information from what they see and hear as opposed to just reading. By utilising online video to compliment their existing recruitment marketing activities there is a great opportunity for Recruiters to promote their company and vacancies and gain a competitive advantage at the same time.

Conference Programme

The Conference programme, which will feature an excellent mixture of leading industry speakers, case studies and an interactive discussion panel, will be published on the Mobile & Video In Recruitment web site: . By the end of the conference delegates will have learnt the impact that mobile and video is currently having in recruitment, how it will develop in the future and how they can start to implement mobile and video strategies to gain an advantage in their own business.

Mobile & Video can no longer be considered as a passing fad. They are both very much here to stay and will play a big part in recruitment, now and in the future. So join us on the 28th September 2010 to find out how your company can benefit from using Mobile & Video in Recruitment.