Video: Andy Headworth Reviews The Social Media in Recruitment Conference 2012

Video: Recruiting Internationally Using Social Media Advertising

Julia Levy, head of strategies and solutions at Terra Firma Associates, talked delegates through how to set up an international recruitment campaign using social media tools.

After her talk, I asked Julia about using Facebook to recruit in countries such as Rwanda and how social media advertising can be a good way in for companies with concerns about using social networks to recruit.


Video: Social Media success at Success Appointments

Each year at the Social Media in Recruitment conference, a delegate from the previous year provides a case study on how they are using social media in their business. This year, Stephen Selby of Success Appointments provided a look at how his agency has used social media tools.

Here is a short interview …


Integrating Social Media Into Recruitment At npower

Adam Templeman is head of resourcing at RWE power and talked about integrating social media into your careers website strategy

When he started at power he brought in a new resourcing model at power (image below) – to shift the company from its 98% usage of recruitment agencies.

First thing he did was to look at careers website. Redesigned it to provide 1) a better candidate experience and 2) linking to the ATS.

Candidate experience key so looked at candidate view of the company. Npower recruits 1,000 people a year but the view in the market was the opposite – not seen as an active recruiting.

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Video: Steven Ehrlich on the future for social and measuring impact

I grabbed today’s keynote speaker¬†Steven Ehrlich after his talk. Here he reviews the key points and looks at ROI of social media.