Social Media in Recruitment Conference: Three Years Old Today

How time flies! Three years ago (on the 16th July 2009) I launched Europe’s first Social Media in Recruitment Conference.

At the time people were trying to get to grips with exactly what Social Media was all about, whether it would last and whether it would work in recruitment?

Three years later and Social Media is definitely here to stay and companies have successfully used Social Media to attract, engage and recruit new employees.

The following infographic shows the growth in social media between the fist conference in July 2009 and the latest one in April 2012.

And here is some video feedback from the 2012 Conference:

So what about the next three years?

So much has happened in three short years with Social Media now being accepted as part of the recruitment marketing mix.

However, anything can change in the future, with new players entering the market and who knows, maybe existing players being overtaken?

One thing is for sure, there will definitely be change, including changes to our Social Media in Recruitment Conference in 2013! More details will be released soon, so watch this space!

Mike Taylor

Video: Andy Headworth Reviews The Social Media in Recruitment Conference 2012

Video: Recruiting Internationally Using Social Media Advertising

Julia Levy, head of strategies and solutions at Terra Firma Associates, talked delegates through how to set up an international recruitment campaign using social media tools.

After her talk, I asked Julia about using Facebook to recruit in countries such as Rwanda and how social media advertising can be a good way in for companies with concerns about using social networks to recruit.


Video: Social Media success at Success Appointments

Each year at the Social Media in Recruitment conference, a delegate from the previous year provides a case study on how they are using social media in their business. This year, Stephen Selby of Success Appointments provided a look at how his agency has used social media tools.

Here is a short interview …


My One Piece Of Advice On Using Social Media In Recruitment

After the presentations, Mike Taylor asked speakers to provide their one piece of advice on using social media in recruitment. And the answers are . . .

Steve Ehrlich, aia worldwide

Don’t be afraid. Fail and fail fast. Think about what you are doing with the tools. Set success metrics first and build around that.

Julia Levy, Terra Firma Associates

Understand candidates and how they operate. Be realistic about what is feasible. Focus on doing a few things well.

Vasco Castro, Potentialpark

Do not abandon your social media presence. Make sure you pick the right channel and keep up the engagement.

Stephen Selby, Success Appointments

Whilst a lot of the tools are free, go for it. Use your imagination and get some advice. Do it and do it all. Keep on top of the branding. You can’t afford to wait, just get on with it.

Adam Templeman, RWE npower

Give it a go. Try it aout and see what happens.

Katrina Collier, Winning Impression

Think about where you are sending people.

Gareth Jones, BrubakerHR

Get everyone involved. The sooner they are the better and the sooner you can move things on.