2011 Social Media in Recruitment Conference Review

In association with the Recruitment Buzz Newsletter I am pleased to bring you a review of the 2011 Social Media in Recruitment Conference which took place in London on the 7th April 2011.

Keith Robinson, Martin Couzins and Mark Powney from Ecom Digital have done a great job in reporting on the Conference and putting together various blog posts, audio and video interviews in this special edition newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading it and find the information to be of interest.

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Mike Taylor

Video: Matt Burney and Lisa Scales on Talent Community Engagement at G4S

Social Media in Recruitment 2011 – Conference Posts, Videos and Images

I’m pulling together all the content from the Social Media in Recruitment Conference 2011 (#SMIR). There were lots of very interesting speakers who shared an enormous amount of tips and tricks. I will keep this updated as new content is produced.

Alan Whitford did a fantastic job blogging over at RCEuro’s blog. Here are Alan’s posts:

European Commission Using Social Media to Recruit

Redfox: Social Media Success Story From SMIR

Getting the Most From Using LinkedIn Effectively in Recruitment

Nokia: Using Social Media to Raise Your Employer Image and Build a Talent Pipeline

Measuring Social Media ROI

Plus these posts . . .
Measuring the ROI of social media in recruitment #SMIR

Panel predictions on mobile from #SMIR

Linkedin for recruiting at #SMIR

How the British Army uses social media in recruitment

RedFox – a social media success story at #SMIR

Nokia’s approach to social media and employer branding #SMIR

From Katherine Robinson – Three Stages of Internet Talent Sourcing (which includes Katherine’s presentation)

Katherine Robinson, aka thesourceress also provides a link to Using Wikiopedia as a recruitment tool – something she mentioned in her presentation.

Felix Wetzel‘s very interesting post on 21st century technology vs. 20th century attitudes – or the misuse of Facebook

Sara Headworth has posted some images on the conference Facebook page

And also on Mike Taylor’s Flickr account

Peter Dawes took a mere 200 photos – a fantastic gallery

Audio interviews
Colin Cook talks Army recruiting using Facebook

Max MacGillivray on social media success at Redfox Executive Recruitment

Katherine Robinson talks sourcing tools

Laurent Brouat talks Linkedin and qualified traffic


Steve Evans on how to use Facebook for recruiting

Huw Davies and Julia Levy on social recruiting at the European Personnel Selection Office

Colin Minto talks through the candidate experience at G4S

Katherine Robinson on the three approaches to social media resourcing

Matt Burney and Lisa Scales talk social media, talent community and engagement at G4S

Case Studies
Laurent Brouat’s case study on How a company used social media and Linkedin to recruit

Video: Huw Davies and Julia Levy on Social Recruiting at the European Personnel Selection Office

Video: Colin Minto talks through the G4S Candidate Experience