Social Media In Recruitment Conference … Five Years Ago Today!

smir-card-3d-1Five years ago today it was a bright and sunny morning as I headed to the British Library Conference Centre in London to host Europe’s first ever Social Media in Recruitment Conference.

This was the first large scale conference I had ever organised so naturally I was a bit nervous as to how the day would go! In the end it went very well and we got some great feedback which led to a follow up conference in April 2010 and three more annual conferences after that.

I remember quite clearly on the day Facebook proudly announcing that they had just reached 250,000 active members.  As of 31st March 2014 they now have 1.28 billion monthly active users (of which 1.01 million active users come from mobile!)

In terms of the other social networks as at July 2009 these were the numbers:

  • LinkedIn had around 45 million members and they now have over 300 million members
  • Twitter (who were only formed two years earlier) had 25 million members and they now have 255 million active users (78% on mobile)
  • Pinterest – Didn’t exist
  • Google + – Didn’t exist
  • Instagram – Didn’t exist

Looking back over the five years we have had some great speakers who have gone on to build large followings on social media and succesful businesses.

I thought it would be interesting to share a video that was recorded five years ago today where we asked some of the speakers and delegates for their number one tip for using social media in recruitment:

Apart from the fact that they all look so young (and in some cases totally unrecognisable as compared to today e.g. @billboorman) what did you think of their number one tips?

How do you feel that social media has changed in the last 5 years from a recruitment point of view?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

Mike Taylor


  1. Congratulations Mike. 5 years ago, you were very brave in jumping into the social (and then the mobile) conference field.
    You certainly paved the way for SRCONF and helped launch or enhance the careers of many in the space. Of course, you could rebrand the video as ‘great tips for social media recruitment in 2014′ and it would be ready to rock for most companies.


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