What are Jobseekers Saying About You On Social Media

IMG_5844These are live blog notes from the Social Media in Recruitment Conference 2013#SMIR – so please excuse any typos.

Speaker: Christer Holloman, senior business development manager, Europe at Glassdoor.

Christer starts off by looking at this HBR article as an example of when social meets HR and it all goes wrong: When HR decisions become social media scandals.

Glassdoor enables employees to post anonymous reviews, he says, and will talk about two things today: media consumption and tips for embracing social media.

Evolution of media consumption
Showed app Zite to make point that users are curating their own news journeys.
Average time spent with digital media – 12 hours a day for uni studemts

Rich Barton – founder of Glassdoor  has 3 laws of the web

  1. If it can be shared it will be shared
  2. If it can be rated it will be ratted
  3. If it can be free it will be free

Glass door appeals to these factors. It has 30m visitors a month globally, 600k in the UK.

Reviews = business, they a have a tangible value, he says. And 74% of job seekers say they are very likely to read reviews of potential employers and workplaces.

Christer says reviews can help  set new candidate expectations of the role and the company.

5 tops for embracing social media

1 Don’t be afraid of social media
The conversation is happening, so make sure you are there and engaging with it so you can influence it. For example, Tripadvisor used to be hated by hotels, now it is an important source for new business for many hotels.

2 Take there good and bad
On Glassdoor 65-70% of people say good things. As an employer, recognise the problems and change them.

3 Fix there problem
You can only cover up problems for so long. If it is broken, then fix it – if you feel it is worth fixing.
Use sentiment analysis – measure what people are saying – assess the cost of fixing and the cost of reputational damage.

4 Promote the good
Every company has something good to talk about. Identify them and share them – get your employees to talk about them.

5 Engage with me
A social media presence is all well and good but you have to participate. Work participation into your daily routine.

Chrsiter ended talk by showing quotes from Galassdoor users saying that embracing transparency has helped them.

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