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IMG_5851These are live blog notes from the Social Media in Recruitment Conference 2013#SMIR – so please excuse any typos.

The afternoon sessions are masterclasses. First up is Paul Connolly, Strategic Account Director, Work4, talking about recruiting on Facebook.

Paul says companies are recognising that Facebook is becoming a useful platform for sourcing candidates. It can no longer be ignored.

But most companies in the UK are sceptical and want to see evidence of it working. Work4 is three years old and is based in San Francisco. It works with 20,00 companies and has posted 6m jobs on Facebook. Work4 has weekly meetings with FB so Paul says the company has great insightss into where Facebook is going.

Show of hands – not many companies using FB.

Paul says the main recruiting challenges based on Work4 research are around reaching the right candidates, finding the best candidates, investing time and money efficiently as well as specific needs (e.g. seasonal) and applicant drop-off.

He shared some stats:

  • One in seven minutes spent online is spent on FB – this is where the candidates are.
  • There are more than one billion professional people on Facebook
  • 83% of time spent on social networks is spent on FB
  • 27,000 jobs shared monthly, 4.75bn content items shared daily.
  • There are 15m businesses with a Facebook page
  • 3m mediacal professionals on FB
  • 7m sales reps vs 4.8m on Linkedin
  • 2.5m engineers vs 2.4m on Linkedin
  • 1.7m accountants vs 1.3m on Linkedin

Time on network

  • 423 minutes/month on Facebook
  • 15 minutes/month on Linkedin
  • 25 minutes/month on Twitter

This is a new pool of ‘pactive’ candidates – they will go for a new job if the right one is put in front of them.

Candidates want to:

  1. Be active in a community
  2. Apply from social and mobile
  3. Work with friends
  4. They want to be engaged

Paul says that Work4 now has FB as a client, so they work with facebook to help Facebook recruit on their own platform. He then says 2 out of 3 companies recruit on Facebook – this does not reflect what people in the room are saying.

The challenge for companies is how to approach this – FB company page, FB careers page, corp career site – what’s best? No right answer. Work4 sees a 50/50 split between FB careers page and corporate careers site.

Work4 works with companies to set up their recruitment presence on FB. It can be a great place to reach out and communicate with candidates. Use all the tools available to you he says, including blogs, videos, clickakable banners.

83% of talent acquisition leaders say employer brand is key to making the right hires. So in FB make sure you tell your story in a consistent way.

Paul demonstrated a couple of case studies of companies that used targeted ads to drive likes and clicks on job ads.  He says a  strong talent pool will cut sourcing costs by 50%.

Talent communities – 3 steps to success
1 Engage fan base – through FB engagement
2 Create a talent pool – you have their contact info
3 Applicants – they apply for the jobs

And make sure you turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

Paul shares an example of an IT company and the success they are having sharing jobs. They have 182 users, 380 social profiles, 7940 jobs shared, 19k views, 3.3k apply clicks.

Paul finishes by looking at what’s coming next from Facebook?

  • FB continues to be mor erelvant for recruiting.
  • Mobile is huge FB app is no1 mobile app in US
  • FB newsfeed redesign – images now more important – more ability to be visual
  • New job cards to promote jobs in amore visual way
  • Selected partner for Twitter cards
  • Graph Search for recruiting – a powerful tool for recruiters, he says
  • Hashtags – there are opportunities to advertise around these



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