Linkedin for Recruiting at #SMIR

OK, so a great presentation on the role of Linkedin to recruit from Laurent Brouat at Link Humans.

Laurent started the presentation with a poll of 135 delegates to see where tey spend their money:

  • Job boards 39%
  • Rec cons 20%
  • Soc med 13%
  • Referrals 16%
  • Corp site 13 % corp website – from 135 delegates

By end of the session 65% said they would be using social media.

Laurent went on to talk through how an engineering firm CH2MHLL used social media to recruit.

The results were:

  • Facebook page OK for building community but not applicants
  • Twitter drives traffic but not jobs
  • Linkedin – good for branding, traffic and direct recruitment

Linkedin enabled the company to:

  • Deliver 98% direct hires in US
  • Deliver 95 % direct outside US
  • Reduce cost per hire from £7,000 to £3,300
  • Reduce time to recruit
  • Drive referrals
  • 425% more page views on the career pages of their site, bounce rate reduced to 11% – spend more time and view more pages on web site – more qualified traffic.

Linkedin has really worked for the company and an important learning point is that Twitter, FB, Linkedin are different channels and can do different things for you depending on your target audience. Again, trying out different approaches helped the company find out what worked. The results through Linkedin are impressive.

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